Consulting Fees

  • Per Case - Review of Case Documents, Evaluation, Research  as required - Designated  type of Report Writing required (will need Court Heading to address on report).
$250.00  Per Hour
  • Court Appearance and/or testimony/Depositions $1,000.00 Per Day
$1,000.00 Per Day
  • Mileage Charges:
.75 cents Per Mile
  • Travel Time required Per case: 
$35.00 per Hour
  • Expenses: Lodging/Meals/Commercial Air Travel/taxi/Uber/Rental Car fuel/POV Fuel Expenses will be submitted by receipts for reimbursment.


  • *Client In-Custody Interview/and or Meeting with Attorneys of Record for case consultation/Discussions of Reports Required/and Court Testimony Issues $250.00 Per Hour/Plus Expenses.  MINUMUM CHARGE 2 HOURS
  • ***Self-Surrender Pursuant to CCR Title 15 Directors Rules and Regulations DR3273. 
  • *Client or Representative will be required to deposit in advance of Self-Surrender the amount of $3,000.00 to the office of the attorney of record.
  • *Incurred expenses will be charged to the deposit to pay for any incured expenses submitted by receipts - *Rental Car Fees, *Rental Car Fuel Charges, *Meals,
  • *Public Transportation, Airlines round trip to pick-destination point as requird. Any unused surrender funds will bge returned to the clientg or representative.
  • ***All Sef-Surrenders MUST be approved by the Judge of the sentencing court, and specify date of surrender 
  • ***court order needs to specify that - this writer Daniel B. Vasquez former Warden San Quentin and Soledad State Prisons' will transport the prisoner  to the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation and the specified Reception Center Facility
  •  ***the appropriate Reception Center Records Manager will be contacted by this writer to advise of time and date of surrender.  
  • **this writer will require from case attorney of record to provide the - name of Court Clerk - Court Clerks court room telephone number and fax number.
  • ***this writer will arrange to have the records manager submit a letter to the sentencing court/clerk of the institutions approval to accept the surrender of the inmate by name specific.
  •  ***Records Manager will provide the Court Clerk with the office contact telephone number and fax number.  
  • ***The clients attorrney must ensure the following is complete  
  • 1). Require that a fax copy of the sentencing judge approved and signed surrender order be sent to nthe Records Managers fax number.
  • 2.) Required that a signed copy by the sentencing judge of the Abstract of Judgement is faxed by the court clerk to the Reception Center Records Manager.
  • 3.) *The clients attorney will advise this writer of the address of the sentencing court, court department number/and the time for this writer to be present in court to answer any questions of the judge - and to except surrender. 





 $250.00 Per Hour/Minimum 2 Hours




 $2,000.00 Per Case



Expenses Incurred by Receipts

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