Curriculum Vitae


To continue to serve in meaningful, challenging and self-rewarding efforts. By providing services to my clients with credibility and experience which is based on my varied professional Corrections experience and background.

Summary of Qualifications

I have over 36 years of corrections experience in the State of California. I served for 30 years in the California State Department of Corrections, where I promoted through the ranks to Warden of San Quentin and Soledad State Prisons. While serving as the Warden of San Quentin State Prison, I was responsible for the administration of the prison as a Level IV maximum security general population inmate facility, including the largest Security Housing Unit (SHU) operation with 1,750 inmates in Maximum A custody, and the largest Death Row population in the United States. During my watch at San Quentin State Prison, I carried out two executions of condemned inmates in the San Quentin Gas Chamber by lethal gas.

I gained an additional four years of corrections experience as the Director of Corrections for the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections—the fourth largest county jail operation in California.

I also served, first as a consultant and then as Warden, for Corrections Corporation of America—the largest private corrections corporation in the United States. I was responsible for bringing online the Corporation’s first and largest, 2,300 bed secure celled facility in California, and administering a 500 inmate contract with the US Marshall’s Regional Office of Los Angeles. The California City CCA facility was at my separation finalizing a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Throughout my career, I have personally conducted hundreds of criminal and gang related investigations and interviews of gang members/associates and informants. Additionally, I have supervised and directed investigative units of peace officers in criminal investigations, internal personnel investigations, and intelligence gathering efforts into gang prison and street activities. This experience has provided me with many years of specialization and knowledge regarding the cultural aspects of Hispanic, White Supremacists, Asian and Black prison and criminal street gangs, including gang membership characteristics, gang tenets, criminal organization strategies and recruiting methods. My expertise includes the classification, analysis, and validation of documentation and information developed and utilized by law enforcement agencies in their on-going efforts to control and prosecute the ever-increasing challenges and activities of gangs. I have continued to increase and enhance my knowledge of the evolution of gangs by: (1) continuing to investigate gang cases; (2) reviewing testimony, investigative reports and documents of law enforcement agencies in gang cases throughout California; (3) personally debriefing criminal gang defendants; (4) testifying as an expert witness; (5) attending contemporary gang training seminars; and (6) serving as an instructor and lecturer on gang issues on many occasions in the past several years.

I have direct knowledge and administrative experience in the development of corrections policies and procedures, including prison operations from minimum to maximum custody, Security Housing Units (SHU), and county jail operations.

I have a vast amount of consulting experience in the field of corrections, Since 1986, I have been engaged in consulting assignments throughout the United States regarding many facets of contemporary corrections, including, but not limited to, litigation involving complex civil rights issues in prisons and jails, habeas corpus issues, gang validation issues, conditions of confinement issues, death in custody/injury issues, law enforcement/peace officer use of excessive force issues, gang enhancement charges, and future dangerous issues in capital cases.

I have extensive experience providing expert witness testimony on a broad spectrum of issues, including: prison gang validation by prison officials and law enforcement agencies under California Penal Code § 186.22; criminal street gang prosecution, gang enhancement charges, conditions of confinement, inmate/staff sexual assault, death in custody, adequacy of prison medical and and mental health policies in support of security staff, classification issues, and the application of codified rules, regulations, and policies governing prison and county jail operations, institution security systems and staff safety equipment.






Relevant Experience

1986 to present

Corrections Consulting & Investigative Services


December 2001-2002.

West-Tec Academy, Shafter, CA

 January 1998-July 2000

California City Correctional Center, Corrections Corporation of America,
P.O. Box 2590, California City, California, 93504

June 1994-July 1998

Director of Corrections, Santa Clara County Department of Corrections,
San Jose, CA


January 1994-June 1994

Warden, California State Prison Soledad, Soledad, CA

December 1983- December 1993

Warden, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA


Correctional Training Facility-Soledad State Prison


California Correctional Center, Susanville, CA


Correctional Training Facility-Soledad State Prison


California Department of Corrections


California Department of Corrections


California Department of Corrections


United States Army

Additional Experience